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USKA News: May 15, 2015 The US Kiteboarder Association opens it’s member-only online wholesale store.  USKA members in the continental US can now buy kiteboarding gear online at wholesale prices at USKA WholesaleLearn more…

Kite More, Spend Less

The United States Kiteboarder Association (USKA) is the largest national organization of kiteboarders in North America. USKA was formed by kiteboarders, is run by kiteboarders, and serves kiteboarders.

USKA’s mission is to promote and grow the sport of kiteboarding while providing its members with valuable savings on kiteboarding gear, kiteboarding lessons, and kiteboarding vacations.

Here’s How USKA Members Save:barpricechecker

Price Checker Tool: Never overpay again. Compare multiple quotes and always find the lowest price. USKA has developed the first and only tool in the kiteboarding industry that searches up to 65 kiteboarding retailers to find you the lowest price on kites and boards.

This tool is patterned after similar online deal finder tools in the automotive, insurance, rental car, and travel industries.  It even finds unadvertised deals. It’s free to use by USKA members.

USKA pricechecker works for the top 16 kite brands and the top 23 board brands. You’ll save big. Learn more…

Exclusive Discounts: USKA negotiates exclusive USKA member discounts with kiteboarding retailers, equipment manufacturers, kiteboarding vacation resorts, kiteboarding schools, and other organizations and puts all of this information in one convenient place which can be easily accessed by USKA members.

USKA Wholesale Store: buywholesaleUSKA members can get wholesale pricing on certain kiteboarding items in USKA’s online store. Learn more…

USKA Events: USKA creates unique kiteboarding events for the average kiteboarder.  USKA Catamaran Kite Week in the British Virgin Islands is the first of such events.  Learn more…

Other Cool Things We Do

USKA publishes a free local kiter directory making it easier to find other kiters in your area.

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USKA’s membership card is currently the #1 discount card in kiteboarding.

USKA membershp is open to all US and Canadian kiteboarders.


USKA membership costs just $49 per year. 

USKA members save much more than that.

If you’re not satisfied, then we will return your membership fee. That’s our promise.

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